Deskology Sponsors Macworld Magazine and Expo

Deskology’s full page ad in the Macworld 2012 issue and special Expo edition showcases how simple design choices can transform your entire workplace.

Macworld is a digital and print publication that features Macintosh product reviews and buying advice, instructional how-to articles, and news and opinion about Apple Computer and the Mac. Every year they put on a grand exposition, known as the Macworld Expo, in the hopes of showcasing the industry’s most promising new tech, gadgets, and gear. The event attracts large crowds, often totaling more than 20,000 attendees who really, really like Mac-related products.

Deskology desk accessories utilize an unique anodized aluminum finish that perfectly compliments many Apple products. Because of this, it should comes as no surprise that a vast majority of our retail customers use an iMac and/or MacBook at their job / main home office.

Naturally, one of our first goals as a company was to successfully reach this untapped market of business professionals who appreciate affordable modern design. We’re constantly working to educate people on the benefits of our designer line of desk accessories. After all, Deskology products are not for everyone. They are designed for the modern executive who takes pride in their workspace.

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